Point cloud AI for pipes

Especially for dense and complicated 3D structures like pipes, where hundreds of objects are in a very small space, it can be hard to see the important things in a point cloud. Thus, we extended the training of our AI … Read More

Pipe systems in point cloud made easy with aurivus AI

aurivus AI processes pipes in the point cloud. Our first prototype shows the possibilities in Revit and how fast it is possible to display the pipe system (pipe, fitting, pipe component) from point clouds individually. The point cloud can be … Read More

Point clouds in AutodeskĀ® RevitĀ® with aurivus AI

Laserscanning can give you a great documentation of the real world. But it can be hard to handle the huge files in CAD-Software. To make point cloud handling easier, the aurivus AI sorts the billions of points into Classes and … Read More

Undet brings aurivus AI in AutoCAD

The next step into another CAD system:The company UNDET from Lithuania integrates the aurivus format for further processing in Autocad. Undet uses our free API to integrate the aurivus Smart Point Cloud.With Undet, object classes can be changed directly in … Read More

API for aurivus files available

API for aurivus files available / aurivus AI is implemented in further CAD programs Three more manufacturers will implement the PLY file generated by aurivus into their CAD software. Through our API this can be implemented by each CAD manufacturer … Read More

aurivus wins 2nd Prize at BIM World Innovation World Cup 2020

Our participation in this year’s BIM Virtual was successful. In addition to contacts and feedback, we were also able to bring home a prize to Ulm. The 2nd place at the 3rd Smart Construction / Smart Building Innovation World Cup. … Read More