Point cloud AI for pipes

Especially for dense and complicated 3D structures like pipes, where hundreds of objects are in a very small space, it can be hard to see the important things in a point cloud. Thus, we extended the training of our AI to detect pipes, pipe fittings, and pipe accessories in point clouds. Our neural network searches for objects, finds their type, and groups the object points together. It is thus easy to

  • Select and highlight single objects, e.g., valves, in a point cloud.
  • Colorize the point cloud by object type.
  • Hide points which aren’t of interest to only see what is important for you.
  • Count area, e.g., floors, or count objects, e.g., windows.

Pipes are currently in beta phase. Contact us if you are interested in becoming a pilot customer for aurivus Smart Point Clouds for piping.

A big thanks to NavVis for providing the example Data of their innovative scanner technology.

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