Point clouds in Autodesk® Revit® with aurivus AI

Laserscanning can give you a great documentation of the real world. But it can be hard to handle the huge files in CAD-Software. To make point cloud handling easier, the aurivus AI sorts the billions of points into Classes and Objects.

Thus, you can – by one click – clean the whole point cloud with the aurivus AI.

Or even more or remove individual objects. You can also let them count, e.g., to know how many windows are in the point cloud.

point cloud to objects
The neural network grouped points of individual objects together. They can be moved in Autodesk® Revit®or just counted.

For very complicated 3D-structures, e.g., trusses, beams, or pipes, this is very useful to easily navigate and understand the scan.

Roofs and trusses point cloud in revit
With the aurivus AI Smart Point Cloud you can easily remove the roof to clearly see the trusses.

“The aurivus AI reduces >25% of modeling time for roofs and trusses.”

Having point clouds grouped to individual windows and knowing they are windows helps for modeling and cost calculations.

But also, for other scenes you can easily gain insights by removing the walls with a single click. For example, to know exactly where the windows are or what kind of room it is.

It is easy to adjust levels when only the floors and ceilings are shown in the point cloud.

Set levels to point clouds easily in revit

aurivus AI is Pay-Per-Use

After uploading the point cloud, the neural network calculates the costs per AI-m² and a free preview will be shown.

The aurivus AI is compatible with a variety of different scanners, including the iPad Pro 12. The point cloud can be structured, unstructured or unified. For common scans, the file size can be reduced up to 10 times.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in more information, or just try the aurivus AI yourself at

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