The aurivus AI not only detects objects in point clouds, but also gathers all the meta information contained in your point cloud, turning your point cloud into a BIM-Model

  • Dimensions, counts and measures, such as floor area, windows areas …
  • Part schedules and lists, such as a number of objects, pipe meters of a certain diameter…
  • Detailed Object information, like Positions, orientations, locations …
  • and many more

With one click…” to ” Save 50% modeling time with aurivus AI

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Key Features

Window & Doors (Window & Door Placer)

The aurivus AI easily detects the Windows & Doors within the point cloud. The Windows & Door Placer tool, will then replace them with a matching object from your Revit library.


Walls (Wall Placer Tool)

The aurivus AI easily detects Walls, so you can confirm the object with 1 click. Helping you save time, reducing errors & increase quality.


Our aurivus AI can easily detect pipes & their fittings. Allowing the point cloud user to view as a single object (With our Speed Drawing Mode you can save up to 50% of your time modeling pipes).


The aurivus AI will detect a roof within your point cloud, allowing you to hide the roof from the 360 view.


Our aurivus AI can easily cross section and focus on Trusses you need to model. Saving you lots of time with 1 click. 

Floors (Automatic Floor Placer)

The aurivus AI detects the floors within the point cloud, and the Floor Placer tool will automatically set the levels.


No need for cleaning up your point cloud anymore! The aurivus AI detects furniture and other distracting objects in the point cloud, which then simply can be hidden with one click.

ai stair detection point cloud


Our aurivus AI can detect any & all stairways in your point cloud.

2D Modeling

With 1 click you can see 2D view of your building. Remove everything but walls, windows and doors to get your floor plan view

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