Structural Modeling

Modeling Beams, Roof Truss, and Structural Framing with Point Clouds

When creating a BIM model from a point cloud, modeling beams, roof truss and other structural framing can be the hardest and most time consuming task. With the help of the aurivus AI tools, such as the Spee-Drawing-Mode, it becomes a simple and efficient process.

With positive feedback from customers, we can confidently say that modeling 3D beams has become an enjoyable task. aurivus can greatly improve the modeling experience that results in accurate and precise models.

structural framing point cloud modeling ai

“With aurivus it’s the first time I’m looking forward to model roof structure.”

Even difficult 3D angles are easy to model with aurivus.

Most important: aurivus makes the framing easy to see by sorting things that block the view to other layers. E.g. roof, walls, ceilings, and floors.

With the aurivus tools and techniques, modeling these structures is a simple and enjoyable process.

Try aurivus with your own project

aurivus is an AI that understands laser scans from buildings and plants. The 3D laser scans create point clouds, which are usually a single, unstructured cloud. Aurivus structures the point cloud into individual objects and categories, such as walls, doors, floors, beams, columns, roofs, trusses, furniture, and many others.

The AI also structures the point cloud into layers, similar to CAD models, with a layer for walls, a layer for beams, and more layers for all other categories.

The aurivus AI point cloud can be used like a CAD model in Revit. Point cloud objects can be selected and the viewport can be placed around the object.

Other categories of objects can be hidden, while objects of interest can be highlighted, making BIM modeling with laser scans much easier.

50% time saving – improved accuracy

Our customers have reported that they are 50% faster when modeling with the aurivus Speed-Drawing-Mode: multiple views focus on the beam from perpendicular angles: front, side and top view.

Quickly place beams in the right 3D position and orientation according to the as-built structure. The feature speeds up the modeling process and improve accuracy.

Speed-Drawing Webinar available

Floors (Automatic Floor Placer)

The aurivus AI detects the floors within the point cloud, and the Floor Placer tool will automatically set the levels.


Speed-Drawing-Mode is also available for pipes and fittings.

ai stair detection point cloud


Our aurivus AI can detect any & all stairways in your point cloud.

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