We close the gap.

From scanning to digital twin.

With the aurivus AI.

We make SCAN2BIM real and fast.

The great potential of a digital twin quickly convinces customers from Scan-to-BIM. If there weren’t the long waiting times. The fact that clients actually do wait months for the scan to be converted confirms that BIM is the example of digitization benefits.

Indeed, the “Scan” part of Scan-to-BIM has been extremely accelerated by innovations while the “to-BIM” part is still laborious manual work. Accelerated, scan-to-BIM would be interesting for many more customers. 

Modelers are dreaming from a helpful tool that not only displays point clouds very well, but actually supports them in their modeling work. aurivus provides this intelligent tool and makes Scan-to-BIM real.


1 Click With Our AI

500 Clicks For an Engineer

With one click and the aurivus AI, a modeler can do the work which otherwise needs 70 to 500 clicks. Since one “click” in a large point cloud can take seconds, this makes the work of a modeler dramatically easier. But the aurivus AI is still trained for more, until our cloud service can automatically transform incoherent point clouds into 3D building models.

Due to the high degree of automation and the integration into common software tools, we offer a simple and intuitive solution for Scan-to-Bim. With aurivus, the modeler is guided step-by-step through the entire modelling process, which in contrast, is only partially supported by currently existing software (e.g. only pipes). Through the processing power of a cloud solution, a large amount of data can promptly be processed, without the need of special hardware for the customer.

Easier. Faster. Cheaper.

Easy Usage

We will provide plugins to all major BIM software. Connecting the aurivus AI in the cloud to your local processing tools. Making the use as easy as possible.​

High Accuracy

The artificial intelligence of aurivus achieves an unprecedented accuracy in the detection, localization and classifications of elements in point clouds.​

High Level of Automation

aurivus supports a broad range of elements, not limited to pipes, walls, conduits, like other software.

Reduced Modeling Time

The automatic processing in the cloud greatly reduces manual work and saves more than 90% of modeling time.


aurivus’ founders are experts in artificial intelligence and sensor fusion. They developed neural networks for autonomous cars as part of their doctoral theses. Their technology enables to create a model of the vehicle environment from laser and camera data. With aurivus, they bring AI from autonomous driving to construction. Unlike in the construction industry, the environment is moving and the sensors are on a driving vehicle.

We are aurivus

aurivus consists of a young team of highly motivated experts in the field of artificial intelligence and software development. The company was founded by Stefan Hörmann and Martin Bach, who both did research in the field of automated driving at Ulm University. They bring their many years of experience to aurivus’ target industries.

Dr. Stefan Hörmann

Stefan started aurivus to achieve a real impact. After his Ph.D. he worked as machine learning engineer at Daimler. He was also founder of ImmerSight and inventor of their room-scale VR system.

Martin Bach​

Martin was most recently group leader for machine learning at Ulm University. His deep understanding of multi sensor fusion, machine learning, and software development is a key component of aurivus.

Become a part of Aurivus

Being part of our team is more than an interesting reference in your CV. Self-realization is a fundamental element of the work at aurivus. We are highly motivated, well-funded, and work on game changing technology for a global market. This makes the development of our business and our products exciting and intellectually challenging.

If you are enthusiastic, creative, and have a passion for your job, you will fit well into our team and we would be happy to hear from you.

Get in touch with us

aurivus GmbH

Prittwitzstraße 100

89075 Ulm

Phone: +49 (0) 731 / 141 146 14

Mail: web@aurivus.com

aurivus AI

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