BIM for existing conditions without modeling.
Automatic mass and material estimates.
Identify, count, measure, weigh
Planning, monitoring, modeling

How aurivus works

Buildings and industrial facilities can be scanned within hours using modern 3D scanning technology. The aurivus AI analyzes the scanning data and finds complex objects in the 3D data. It can detect pipes, valves, structural framing and many more objects. 

The AI results are provided in a web based browser application. Easily gain lists of objects linked to your document management system, mass calculation. or a progress dashboard. Additionally, with our CAD-export you can use the AI point cloud as interactive as a CAD model.


Our aurivus AI can easily detect pipes, their fittings and accessories like valves.

Structural Framing

Our AI finds beams and columns of different material like steal, wood or concrete.

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Our aurivus AI can detect any & all stairways in your point cloud.


No need for cleaning up your point cloud anymore! The aurivus AI detects furniture and other distracting objects in the point cloud, which then simply can be hidden with one click.

Window & Doors (Window & Door Placer)

The aurivus AI easily detects Walls, so you can confirm the object with 1 click. Helping you save time, reducing errors & increase quality.

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