When you choose aurivus, you gain access to a cutting-edge AI that revolutionizes work with scan data. To this AI you can upload a point cloud and get a pre-modeled point cloud with layers, objects and object information. This result is provided as

  • Seamless Revit integration via plug-in
  • Interactive web viewer and default E57 data export

Our AI saves you time, improves accuracy, and enhances your modeling process. It makes point clouds more accessable and easier to learn and use for everyone.

It’s not just a purchase; it’s a practical solution that transforms the way you work, making your projects more efficient and cost-effective.

Upload your point cloud to our aurivus portal and let the magic happen. On average AI data processing can take 30 minutes (depending on file size). Afterwards you can import an AI enhanced point cloud into Revit. 

On average AI data processing can take 30 minutes, larger files can take 1 hour.
*Maybe 2 coffees*

Please upload your point cloud as E57 and ReCap RCP (zip with support folder).

Did you know that in some cases you can reduce the point cloud file size from 300 GB to 10 GB using unified RCP export? We recommend to export a unified RCP project with 5mm point distance. Zip the rcp file with the support folder for your upload.

We support all Laser Scanner or Lidar system. 

Please refer to our Pricing

A good way to start is by downloading our sample files.

Our plan continues on making things practical and real, not just fancy ideas. Our AI is already helping over 1800 modelers worldwide. If you wait for more improvements in the future, you might fall behind others who use AI.

AI in general, and also ours, is rapidly transforming the work of every single person. It’s like learning a new way to work. Similar like AI chat bots, you might need some time to get used to it, but once you do, you’ll have a powerful tool that can keep you ahead of your competitors.

At aurivus, we’re always working to make our AI better. We want users to get used to working with AI, like people have to learn how to talk to AI chat bots.

We offer all universities Geospatial / BIM / Digital Construction departments & students access to aurivus AI. Please contact us

(Register to our University license, must include university email address during contact)

We offer a seamless Revit integration via our plug-in. The plug-in reads .aurivus files which are generated by our AI.

If you’re not using Revit, we provide by default a E57 export. For Revit, please use our plug-in.

Are you using Point Clouds in a unique and researching manner ?

Research helps to change the world and we love to help. Please contact us and tell us your story

We keep geo referenced coordinates in the laser scan. The point cloud is inserted into Revit with the same way as “By shared coordinates” as described at Autodesk Help.

You also might find this video helpful: YouTube

In case you are missing some of the buttons within the aurivus’ Revit Plugin, you either need to update and install a new version of the plugin of you have to reset the Autodesk Revit ribbon, toolbar, and browser to default settings

If you can´t find an answer to your question, please do message our Support Team…

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