What are the current limitations?

  • Please save all scans into a single E57 file. The format (unified, structured, unstrucutred, …) doesn’t matter. The maximum file size is 20 GB.
  • Best supported classes are walls, roofs, roof trusses, doors, windows, columns. More classes, like furniture, are processed. Other classes, like pipes, aren’t supported, yet.
  • We provide our free plug-in for Revit 2020, 2021, and 2022. For other CAD programs, third-party plug-ins can be used.
  • Our AI can also split the point cloud in separate E57 files by classes. E.g., one file for the Walls, one for the structural framing, etc.

How can I use a voucher code?

If you bought aurivus credits via a voucher code you can activate the credits in your aurivus account. You find a button “Redeem voucher” when you log-in to https://app.aurivus.com/ and click on “Credits”. There you can type in your voucher code.

What buildings can I use with aurivus AI?

The aurivus AI is trained to understand office spaces, apartments, and similar context. The AI is best familiar with

  • Walls
  • Floors and Ceiling
  • Roofs and Roof Trusses (ger. Dachstühle)
  • Windows and Doors
  • Columns and Beams

Our AI is continuously trained to know new objects. Classes which are not yet possible are, e.g., pipes, ducts, or trees. These are coming soon and will be announced on our social media channels.

What scanners are supported?

Our AI can read points from a variety of different scanner types, e.g., terrestrial, handheld or mobile devices. It doesn’t matter if the point cloud contains multiple scans, a single scan, unified or structured data. We tested our AI on data from NavVis, Faro, Leica, GeoSLAM, Dotscene, iPad Pro 12 and others.

How much costs one credit?

Credits represent the work of our AI. It correlates with the building area and complexity. A house with 400 m² floor area results roughly in 40 credits. Scenes which are more complex for the AI cause more credits. Outdoor area, e.g., isn’t trained at the moment and usually no credits or only a few are charged for outdoor AI effort.

As soon as the exact amount of credits is shown in the project preview, you can buy the exact amount of credits per project (€2,50 per credit) or you can buy a credit block in advanced to receive a discount.

How can I load the AI file into Revit?

You find our free revit plugin in the download area at https://app.aurivus.com/ and a quick start guide here.

My download doesn’t start.

Please check if you’re browser has a pop-up blocker activated.

I’m mostly interested in other classes, e.g., pipes.

The neural network can be trained to detect other objects and object categories. It is currently trained on pipes and pipe-related parts. If you are interested in pipes or other classes, we are happy to receive your mail.


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