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Point Cloud Intelligence Platform

The following two videos show the main features of our point cloud intelligence platform. It’s a digital twin with automatic AI object detection and classification.

User Interview – aurivus Speed-Drawing-Mode

In the interview Andreas Kopfschlรคgl, experienced modeler at dreideScan GmbH, speaks about his experience with the aurivus Speed-Drawing-Mode for a very hard examples for structural framing. Key findings:

Railway Infrastructure AI for point clouds in Revit

As part of our project with Deutsche Bahn, we are pround to present our acheivements: The video shows our AI in action and ๐Ÿš‚ Coming Soon for our premium customers ๐ŸŒ Experience the power of AI in railway digitalization! Get … Read More

Automatic objects with AI

๐Ÿš€ Check out our latest video showcasing the power of our Scan-to-BIM AI! ๐ŸŽฅโœจ Discover how our AI automatically generates precise objects in point clouds, complete with essential attributes like position, class, dimensions and more. ๐Ÿ“๐ŸŒŸ What’s more, our AI’s … Read More

Geo Business Speaking Slot

Railway infrastructure AI

We’ve reached the halfway point in our joint project with DB Mindbox to digitalize the German railway system using our AI. Today, we’re presenting our progress at the mid-term event in Berlin, showcasing how our AI is able to detect … Read More

AI understands 2D Plan and 3D Point Cloud

This is a preview of multi modal neural network input to the aurivus AI. In English: Our AI can read 2D vector graphics and 3D point clouds at the same time and links objects of both together. Click on a … Read More

Point cloud AI automatic window modeling in Revit

Modeling is fun and satisfying with our AI! See it in action with our upcoming release – hundreds of windows placed with just a button. Check out our latest video now! If you look closely in the first seconds of … Read More

Speed Drawing Mode

Introducing our AI Speed-Drawing-Mode  – the ultimate tool for fast and efficient Scan-to-BIM modeling! All powered by our cutting-edge machine learning algorithms which automatically pre-model your laser scanning data into individual point cloud objects. With our unique tiled window setup, … Read More

Structural modeling with aurivus Speed-Drawing-Mode

Drawing in 3D has never been so much fun! With aurivus’ Speed-Drawing-Mode, you can easily create complex structures, like this roof truss, in no time. Our users love the intuitive modeling tools, and say they enjoy the process of bringing … Read More

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