Scan-To-BIM Time Saver AI

Scan-to-BIM is faster and cheaper with the aurivus AI. Beginners get the easiest start with point clouds and professionals get new dimensions of speed in scan-to-BIM.

Accelerate Scan-to-BIM

Our AI makes working with point clouds easy and fast. In the past, point cloud handling was too complicated. You needed too many tools and too many clicks.

Find More Modelers

aurivus is easy for everyone. Modelers are highly requested professionals. But there are very few of them. In the past, it often took two years to become really good. With aurivus, it’s much easier. You need much less tools and time.

Simultaneous Modeling and Quality Checking

aurivus offers the only scan-to-BIM automation where quality checking is included in the modeling workflow. Modeler and AI work together as a team. The modeler checks what is drawn by the AI step-by-step and accepts with a 1-click solution.

“Fascinating that I don’t have to define a Revit family. It’s great that the AI already chooses the family that is closest to reality.”Elke Jutzi, Project Manager and BIM Planning

Get the most of your 3D building scans with the aurivus AI.

Our neural network was trained to search through 3D scans from buildings. It can find objects in point clouds, calculate floor area and much more. It is easy to use without training, and perfectly integrated into your scan-to-BIM workflow.

Try it now

There is no risk to try. Pay-per-Use without subscription. Use our starter pack: 100 m² for 25 EUR

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  2. Upload your building scan
  3. Install the free Revit Plug-In
  4. Increase your profit
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