API for aurivus files available

Example of window detection via the AI

API for aurivus files available / aurivus AI is implemented in further CAD programs

Three more manufacturers will implement the PLY file generated by aurivus into their CAD software.

Through our API this can be implemented by each CAD manufacturer themselves.

The advantages of the file generated by aurivus are obvious.

1. The processed point cloud from aurivus reduces the file size to 15% or less of common original point cloud files. The file is easier to replace, faster to load and easier to use. The plugin for Revit is free of charge.

2. A clean-up of the point cloud is easily done with a click. The objects can simply be switched on and off in CAD. In a few clicks you have a floor plan, while the information for this is already in the file.

3. No additional software is required. Only the CAD system used for modelling is needed. The modeller works only with the CAD system used for modelling, e.g., Revit.

It is currently usable for architecture (walls, doors, windows, roofs and roof trusses).

We are happy to support developers for further implementations of our smart point cloud files into their CAD software (

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