aurivus brings user feedback of premium customers directly into their product

During the last week there was the noise of about 100 mouse clicks per minute. Someone thought our programmers are playing Counter Strike, but it was Maja, a professional Revit modeler from Laserscanning Europe. She is modeling a point cloud … Read More

aurivus AI Cloud solution with an update for E57

aurivus AI cloud solution has been upgraded and from now on all customers can download either .PLY or .E57 file format for output. The Ply format can be used for our plugin in Revit or one E57 file per class … Read More

Customised iPad Scan with aurivus AI to Revit

The integrated lidar of the new iPad pro and iPhone pro turns your smart phone into a handheld laser scanner. The aurivus AI can understand these smart phone point clouds and finds objects and classes just like in high precision … Read More

Over 100 new users in September

Over 100 users of the aurivus cloud in September – aurivus is growing.We say thank you. In the month of September, more than 100 users have used the aurivus cloud for the first time and that already 3 months after … Read More

FAQs – aurivus Scan-To-BIM AI

How does the AI work? Our AI is “scans” laser scans of buildings and finds objects like walls, windows or pipes (premium customers only). This way, e.g., single scan points of windows are grouped to individual objects of type window. … Read More

aurivus AI open for new customers

We launch our newest version of the aurivus AI, today. Registration on is open for 100 new customers. To celebrate our progress, the first 30 customers will receive a free trial voucher. The published AI is trained on indoor … Read More

Tutorial: Getting started with aurivus for Autodesk® Revit

You need to accept cookies to see the youtube tutorial videos. Complete workflow in 10 Minutes: accept cookies for YouTube Welcome to the “aurivus 1-click” tutorial The aurivus AI is a scan-to-bim time saver. With the free Revit Plug-In you … Read More

Advanced function of the aurivus Smart Point Cloud

Point Clouds in Revit: Building with Selected Roof Truss (bright green) In the course of our pilot projects, a demand appeared at our pilot customer Laserscanning Europe for the representation of roofs and trusses in our aurivus Smart Point Cloud. … Read More

aurivus expands the team

aurivus is growing. With Holga Schwipp, aurivus has found another employee and expands its team in Ulm.Holga Schwipp has been working in CAD sales in the fields of architecture, technical building equipment and plant design for more than 20 years. … Read More

Easy alternative for point clouds in Revit without sections

Without a section you can get a top view of only walls by just two clicks: Walls, Top With our aurivus Smart Point Cloud, you can skip the time-consuming sectioning process. The original workflow: A 3D point cloud must be … Read More