aurivus brings user feedback of premium customers directly into their product

During the last week there was the noise of about 100 mouse clicks per minute. Someone thought our programmers are playing Counter Strike, but it was Maja, a professional Revit modeler from Laserscanning Europe. She is modeling a point cloud in Revit and the speed-up with the aurivus AI makes her mouse clicks sound like a machine gun. We are glad that Maja visited us for a week to show us the user perspective when turning point clouds into BIM models using the aurivus AI. The laser scan was first fed to our neural network where the AI found building parts like roof, windows, floors, etc. This information can be used in Revit to make modeling easier and faster. From that user feedback we could already make our plans for new aurivus AI features. If you visit our boot at BIM World 2021 in Munich, you might have the chance so see some updates, already.

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