First workshop with pilot customer Laserscanning Europe

For one month now, aurivus has been running the first field tests with lead users, so-called pilot customers at aurivus.  Through the pilot projects, we want to create a customer-oriented software with processes that the customer needs. Of course, we can’t do this without the help of real customers. That’s why we have created pilot […]

Video: BLK2Go, aurivus AI, and Revit

In the video below we demonstrate how our AI performs on a scan from hand held laser scanners. In this case we used demo data from the Leica BLK2Go. Usually, the point cloud from a laser scanner is made from one single piece. It can be hard to model objects when the modeler has to […]

aurivus wins 2nd Price at BIM World Innovation World Cup 2020

Our participation in this year’s BIM Virtual was successful. In addition to contacts and feedback, we were also able to bring home a prize to Ulm. The 2nd place at the 3rd Smart Construction / Smart Building Innovation World Cup. For us as a young start-up – we only exist for one year – this […]

Today: Live Demo

Today, November 24th, is BIM Virtual and we prepared a live demo. In the below link, we will show our AI the whole day: Or chat with us:

Video: Aurivus AI for Scan-To-BIM

We prepared a video showing parts of what our AI can do. Until now, the video is only available in German but an English version will follow. You can subscribe our youtube channel to stay up to date. (German version of the video below)

aurivus aus Ulm gewinnt 10.000 Euro Startup-Award für künstliche Intelligenz, die Gebäudepläne konstruiert

aurivus GmbH gewinnt den CyberOne Hightech Award 2020

Mit künstlicher Intelligenz die Bauindustrie auf dem Feldzug der Digitalisierung voranbringen – das hat sich aurivus zur lösbaren Aufgabe gemacht. Die Idee: eine künstliche Intelligenz, die 3-D-Modelle von Gebäuden zeichnet, die Scan-to-BIM-KI. Dass die Geschäftsidee der aurivus GmbH großes Wachstumspotential birgt, hat auch die kompetente Fachjury, rund um den CyberOne Hightech Award 2020 erkannt. Dieser […]