aurivus @ digitalBau

This year we are participating at the digitalBau in Cologne. If you are also there, you should visit us from 31 May to 02 June in the Startup Area at our booth H5-2.119/8. We are looking forward to great impressions and interesting conversations.Of course we will keep you up to date on our social media […]

The fastest way to draw from point clouds in Revit (Video)

accept cookies for YouTube A beginner can model this leica BLK2Go scan in only 4 minutes in Revit. The point cloud was uploaded to the aurivus AI ( and you see the result in the video. No slice is needed when turning off everything else but walls, doors and windows. Open the aurivus wall drawing […]

The easiest way to draw in Revit from point clouds.

You need to accept cookies to see the youtube videos. We were carefully listening to our users to add our Scan-to-BIM AI into the Scan-To-BIM Workflow. We are proud to present our new release, out now, in this video: accept cookies for YouTube

aurivus brings user feedback of premium customers directly into their product

During the last week there was the noise of about 100 mouse clicks per minute. Someone thought our programmers are playing Counter Strike, but it was Maja, a professional Revit modeler from Laserscanning Europe. She is modeling a point cloud in Revit and the speed-up with the aurivus AI makes her mouse clicks sound like […]

aurivus BIM World 2021 (German)

Visit us on BIM World 2021 in the start up area BIM Town. See our recent innovations: (you need to allow cookies to watch the videos.) New features in the free plug-in aurivus for Revit One of our new features planned in Q1 2022 aurivus App for iPad and iPhone Aurivus AI for Architecture and […]

Aurivus AI Cloud solution with an update for E57

Aurivus KI cloud solution has been upgraded and from now on all customers can download either .PLY or .E57 file format for output. The Ply format can be used for our plugin in Revit or one E57 file per class e.g. wall, window, door. An E57 file is created for each class, which can then […]

Kustomised iPad Scan with aurivus AI to Revit

The integrated lidar of the new iPad pro and iPhone pro turns your smart phone into a handheld laser scanner. The aurivus AI can understand these smart phone point clouds and finds objects and classes just like in high precision laser scanner. Only about 3% of the price: Startups like Kustomised are developing business models […]

Over 100 new users in September

Over 100 users of the aurivus cloud in September – aurivus is growing.We say thank you. In the month of September, more than 100 users have used the aurivus cloud for the first time and that already 3 months after the first release. We say thank you for using our point cloud processing solution.aurivus growsIn […]

Point cloud AI for pipes

Especially for dense and complicated 3D structures like pipes, where hundreds of objects are in a very small space, it can be hard to see the important things in a point cloud. Thus, we extended the training of our AI to detect pipes, pipe fittings, and pipe accessories in point clouds. Our neural network searches […]

Pipe systems in point cloud made easy with aurivus AI

aurivus AI processes pipes in the point cloud. Our first prototype shows the possibilities in Revit and how fast it is possible to display the pipe system (pipe, fitting, pipe component) from point clouds individually. The point cloud can be switched on and off via layers/levels like in a CAD model. You only select the […]