aurivus is winner at DB Mindbox


We’re back from the DB mindbox competition and celebrating our success with our #team! We’re thrilled that we have won with our AI for object recognition in 3D laser scans of railway stations and tracks. Our AI technology has already shown promising results and we’re excited to work with Deutsche Bahn. Our goal is to take a leading role in the #digitalization of #infrastructure on a global scale. Cheers to our amazing team and our bright future!


Exciting news! Today at DB mindbox, we are proud to announce our participation in a competition to digitize the #railway industry. Our #AI technology is able to learn new things and currently, we are training it to recognize objects in railway #stations and #tracks. The example images in the post are preliminary results of our AI and they look very promising. Together with Deutsche Bahn, we aim to be a global leader in digitizing railway #infrastructure. Give us your support by giving us a thumbs up and let’s work together to revolutionize the railway industry. We are also looking for more partners to join us in this exciting journey of digitalization. #BIM #scantobim #surveying #bahn #laserscanning

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