We close the gap.

From point clouds to objects.

With the aurivus AI.

The I of BIM - straight from point clouds

The great potential of a digital twin quickly convinces Scan-to-BIM customers.

aurivus is a big step closer to this with the recognition of objects from point clouds by using Artifical Intelligence (AI).

The coloring of point clouds and the structuring into objects supports the modeler enormously.

aurivus provides this intelligent tool and makes scan-to-BIM faster by assigning BIM attributes directly to the point cloud of the objects. Modelers can use it to reach their goal much faster.

With a free app for Revit, the data can be loaded without additional software.


Our AI finds objects in 3D laser scans of buildings, facilities, and plants. It’s trained for architecture, structure, MEP and industrial pipes.

Is it hard to find good modelers?

Modelers love aurivus because it's easy and fun. Especially the most complex projects get faster with aurivus. Faster modeling means more projects and more profit.

Do your modelers need long training time to become fast?

There are many point cloud tools which you don't needed anymore. The AI performs pre-modeling. This makes it easy to interact with the point cloud in CAD, e.g., using layers and point cloud objects. Good for beginners!

Do you wait for your computer?

Processing point clouds in the cloud makes so much sense. Don't block your modelers computers for hours. Just upload your file to our AI and let it do the magic within a few minutes with our secure super computers.

Struggle with huge files?

If you have your project in the cloud, use direct cloud-to-cloud import. Simply connect aurivus with NavVis Ivion or others.
We also support reduced file size with unified RCP or unstructured E57.

You want to be sure that everything is right?

The AI makes modeling as easy as possible. Instead of a full automation, the modeler must accept every part. The painful details are done by the AI.

Need help with quality assurance?

The pre-modeled point cloud can help you by comparing the model with the 3d scan. E.g., by removing all the furniture or only comparing point cloud structure with modeled structure.

Try aurivus with your own project up to 20 GB for only 80 EUR.

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Point Cloud Layers.

The 3D scan is sorted in layers/classes for architecture, structure, MEP and industrial pipes. Layers are used in every CAD and drawing system and with aurivus you have it with point clouds. Removing furniture and only showing walls, windows, doors, is basically a floor-plan with three clicks.

Point Cloud Objects

The AI groups objects together. You can also select some windows and let them replace by suitable Revit families.

You can also select, isolate, highlight, or crop single objects like furniture, valves or lamps. Your CAD-software gets faster and it’s easier to keep the overview.

One-Click Wall Placer

Hover with your mouse over a wall, see the preview, and click to confirm. You don’t need to worry about wall thickness and fitting angles.


Imagine your software already knows what you would like to draw. The aurivus Speed-Drawing-Mode continuously updates the views of your CAD-Software to provide the optimal viewing angle to place complex 3D objects like beams, pipes, trusses and other. Never again waste time to set section views.

Many more

  • Automatic level placement
  • AI color mode
  • Multiple point cloud formats
  • E57 export
  • Cloud-to-cloud import
  • Transparency switch to compare model with point cloud
  • Free Revit plug-in
  • Free preview animation
  • Save time and nerves
  • Fun at modeling
  • 30% to 50% time saving

1 Click With Our AI

500 Clicks For an Engineer

With one click and the aurivus AI, a modeler can do the work that would otherwise take 70 to 500 clicks. Since one “click” in a large point cloud can take seconds, this dramatically simplifies a modeler’s job.

The aurivus AI understands structured and unstructured point clouds. It searches for parts and inserts BIM attributes directly into the point cloud. Even a previous cleanup is not necessary.

Due to the high degree of automation and the integration with Revit, we offer a simple and intuitive tool.

With the aurivus AI, the modeler is guided step by step through the entire modeling process. No additional software to Revit is required.

Due to the computing power of a cloud solution, a large amount of data can be processed promptly without the customer needing special hardware. Installation on customer computers is only required for the app in Revit and can be used very quickly.

Easier. Faster. Cheaper.

Easy Usage

We provide a plugin for Revit, so you don't need any additional software. Our AI makes a point cloud intelligent, which makes using point clouds as easy as possible.

High Accuracy

The artificial intelligence of aurivus achieves unprecedented accuracy in the detection, localization and classification of elements in point clouds.​

No additional software

Modeling requires only Revit and no other additional software.

High Level of Automation

aurivus supports a broad range of elements. Just upload the point cloud to our cloud server and get notified by e-mail when you can download the AI result.

Reduced Modeling Time

The result of our AI is a Smart Point Cloud. This eliminates many of the common steps in modeling, such as sections. This, in turn, reduces learning time for novice modelers, and modeling time for professional modelers.

Preview result

The result appears in the preview and everyone sees what he buys.


aurivus’ founders are experts in artificial intelligence and sensor fusion. They developed neural networks for autonomous cars as part of their doctoral theses. Their technology enables to create a model of the vehicle environment from laser and camera data. With aurivus, they bring AI from autonomous driving to construction. Unlike in the construction industry, the environment is moving and the sensors are on a driving vehicle.


  • Yes, it’s already available.
  • Yes, you find examples under https://app.aurivus.com.
  • Yes, you can start right away with your own point cloud at https://app.aurivus.com.
  • Yes, customers confirm more than 30% time savings in modeling.
  • Yes, you can become a premium customer to get early access to new AI features, e.g., pipe modeling.

We are aurivus

aurivus GmbH was founded in October 2019 in Ulm, Germany. The startup trains neural networks with the goal of converting point clouds into digital building models.
aurivus is a spin-off of the University of Ulm, from the institute of Prof. Dietmayer, who is known for his research on autonomous driving.
The software from aurivus is designed for customers in the construction and architecture industries who want to create their 3-D building models more efficiently than through tedious modeling work.
Currently, aurivus employs 7 people who take care of the different areas of company development and the expansion of the product portfolio.
At the end of 2020 the pilot customer test phase started and could be concluded positively with the first orders.
In the first step, point clouds are split into simple objects that can now be used for easy modeling.

Become a part of Aurivus

Being part of our team is more than an interesting reference in your CV. Self-realization is a fundamental element of the work at aurivus. We are highly motivated, well-funded, and work on game changing technology for a global market. This makes the development of our business and our products exciting and intellectually challenging.

If you are enthusiastic, creative, and have a passion for your job, you will fit well into our team and we would be happy to hear from you.

Currently no job offers available.

Get in touch with us

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aurivus GmbH

Magirus-Deutz-Strasse 13

89077 Ulm

Phone: +49 (0) 731 / 141 146 14

Mail: web@aurivus.com


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