Presenting a New Era in Point Cloud Object detection with aurivus AI 2.0!

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital modeling and construction, aurivus continues to push the boundaries of innovation. We are excited to unveil the latest milestone in our journey – aurivus 2.0, a version that redefines point cloud object separation, with … Read More

Structural modeling with aurivus Speed-Drawing-Mode

Drawing in 3D has never been so much fun! With aurivus’ Speed-Drawing-Mode, you can easily create complex structures, like this roof truss, in no time. Our users love the intuitive modeling tools, and say they enjoy the process of bringing … Read More

Collection of demo videos

In this post you find a collection of recent example videos showing nice point clouds and feature demonstration: aurivus finds pipe fittings and valves in point cloud accept cookies for YouTube aurivus finds pipe chunks in point cloud accept cookies … Read More

The fastest way to draw from point clouds in Revit (Video)

accept cookies for YouTube A beginner can model this leica BLK2Go scan in only 4 minutes in Revit. The point cloud was uploaded to the aurivus AI ( and you see the result in the video. No slice is needed … Read More

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