Tutorial: Getting started with aurivus for Autodesk® Revit

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Complete workflow in 10 Minutes:

Welcome to the “aurivus 1-click” tutorial

Animated gif: 1-click “clean-up”, 1-click floor plan view, 1-click walls

The aurivus AI is a scan-to-bim time saver. With the free Revit Plug-In you can do so many steps with one click where you needed hours before.

As you see in the animated gif, you can

  • 1-click clean-up: remove everything except the walls by clicking on circle next to “Walls” in the aurivus window
  • 1-click floor-plan view: There is no “point cloud slice view” needed, anymore. You see what is important for you by clicking the classes. E.g., only select Walls, Doors and Windows.
  • 1-click wall: Go to a 2D level view and activate the aurivus Wall Placer Mode. If you hover with your mouse over the middle of a wall, a yellow wall proposal is shown. By clicking on it, a wall is drawn. Select a second wall to have connected walls.
  • Press ESC to place a single wall or start a new chain of connected walls.
  • It is important that you set levels before starting to draw walls.

Uploading and downloading data in the aurivus app

To let the aurivus AI process your point cloud, simply log in to the aurivus app ( and create a new job by uploading the point cloud files. After uploading, you will be notified via e-mail when a preview and price was calculated for your point cloud.

Please save all scans in a single E57. The point cloud format (unified, sturctured, unstructured, …) doesn’t matter. Our AI can read points from a variety of different scanner types, e.g., terrestrial, handheld or mobile devices. It doesn’t matter if the point cloud contains multiple scans, a single scan, unified or structured data. We tested our AI on data from NavVis, Faro, Leica, GeoSLAM, Dotscene, iPad Pro 12 and others.

When the preview of the AI results is ready, you can buy and download your data. Your download will be prepared and you will be notified per e-mail when you can download your aurivus Smart Point Cloud.

Install aurivus for Autodesk® Revit

aurivus Smart Point Clouds can be used in Autodesk® Revit using our free Revit Plug-In. You find the Plug-In installer in the Download section under The following is a short introduction into using aurivus for Autodesk® Revit.

Create a new revit project via template and load the point cloud

Open Revit and create a new project with the Metric Architectural Template. If you have installed the aurivus plug-in, you will find a tab “aurivus”. Open the 3D-View by clicking on the 3D-House symbol in the top of the Revit window. You can load an aurivus Smart Point Cloud file (.PLY) by clicking the load point cloud button in the aurivus tab.

If you don’t see the point cloud or the Revit levels, you might have large georeferenced coordinates in the point cloud. In this case, you can either move the project base point or simply delete the levels in the 3D-view, as shown in the video above, to quickly have a look at your point cloud.

Revit Section Box

When you are in the 3D view, you have the option to activate the Section Box in the menu bar on the left. The 3D-cube (the little cube in the top right in the 3D view) serves for easy handling of the different views in Revit. It is a good idea to click on the “TOP” side of the 3D-cube to get a top-view of your point cloud and the section box. You can select the scan regions by moving the blue arrows of the section box.

Selecting individual classes also makes it easier to view individual components of the point cloud, e.g., only the floors, walls, and the roof in the beginning. All inner parts aren’t shown, then.

Now, for example, if you only want to view the roof and trusses, simply go to the side view by clicking on the “LEFT” side of the 3D-cube, and adjust the height of the Section Box to the size you need for this view. Activate “Structural Framing”, “Structural Columns”, “Walls” and deactivate all other classes including “Roofs” to see only trusses, columns and walls.

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