Support FAQs


Upload your E57 file to our aurivus portal and let the magic happen. On average AI data processing can take 30 minutes (depending on file size), afterwards you can start modelling on Revit. 

**Take a seat and have a coffee**

On average AI data processing can take 30 minutes, larger files can take 1 hour.
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Please upload your Point Cloud as an .E57 file. And you will receive back a .PLY file. (Also receive .E57 splits)

We support all Laser Scanner or Lidar system. 

(Also iPad Pro or iPhone scanners)

Please refer to our Pricing

We offer starter package at €80, so you can test a project of your choice, with upto 20GB file size. Learn more…

A free 30 minute webinar is included, to help you get started.

We offer all universities Geospatial / BIM / Digital Construction departments & students access to aurivus AI. Please contact us

(Register to our University license, must include university email address during contact)

We have partnered with Revit with our aurivus plugin to give you the best experience using our AI. 

We have partnered with Revit.

More partnerships coming soon…

Are you using Point Clouds in a unique and researching manner ?

Research helps to change the world and we love to help. Please contact us and tell us your story

We keep geo referenced coordinates in the laser scan. The point cloud is inserted into Revit with the same way as “By shared coordinates” as described at Autodesk Help.

You also might find this video helpful: YouTube

If you can´t find an answer to your question, please do message our Support Team…