The smartest way

Modeling has never been easier. From point clouds
to objects with the aurivus AI.

From Scan-to-BIM with the help of Artifical Intelligence

Our AI detects objects* in point clouds and automatically generates premodeled CAD- and BIM-models of it.

* architectual AI: walls, floors, windows, doors, furniture, strcual framings, structual columns, roofs, …
piping AI: architectual objects + pipes, fittings, accessoires 

Easy to use

No need for any additional software!
Just upload your point cloud in our portal ( and the AI will do the rest,
then load the result into your modeling software and simply confirm the objects there.

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1. Upload your project at

2. Open the converted file in Revit

How it works


Step 1

Upload your .E57 file to our webbased app

Step 2

aurivus processes your point cloud into a .PLY file and .E57-splits

Step 3

Download the final file and confirm your objects in Revit

Your benefits

10x faster learning to work with point clouds!

less learning time and higher motivation for modellers

2x faster modeling!

no need for tools for clean-up, slicing, 360 degree images

less cost and higher profit

less costs for manual work, recruitment and hardware

faster cloud processing

extremely fast calculation and less hardware costs

no training required

aurivus is super intuitive and simple to use

developed with customers

perfect integration in today's modeling workflow


no risk

no setup costs and no maintenance for hard- or software

continuous development

the aurivus AI is in continuous development and new features are released frequently

aurivus AI

Choose one of our three options, to save time and to model more efficient!

Essential Indoor

50 Monthly*
  • Detecetion and premodeling of:
  • storage time of 3 months
  • LOD/LOI Level mid
  • point cloud compression
  • BIM compliant
  • automated coloring of objects
  • automated clipping
  • automated wallplacer
  • automated window placer
  • Revit Plugin
  • parts list


600 Monthly*
  • Essential Indoor and:
  • storage time of 6 months
  • LOD/LOI level high
  • parts list
  • team access
  • shared upload link


2500 Monthly*
  • Professional and:
  • storage time of 12 months
  • LOD/LOI level high
  • integration in customer system
  • early access new features
  • priority development