Easy alternative for point clouds in Revit without sections

Without a section you can get a top view of only walls by just two clicks: Walls, Top

With our aurivus Smart Point Cloud, you can skip the time-consuming sectioning process.

The original workflow: A 3D point cloud must be transferred into a 2D section in order to subsequently model 3D BIM on a 2D top-view. Sounds complicated and time-consuming, right? 

Unfortunately, this is the way to go for building modeling if you don’t use aurivus. But actually the main reason for sections is to hide unwanted objects, such as furniture, by only selecting a thin slice of the point cloud for visualization.

With aurivus you get the same top-view, or even better, with one click and without the time-consuming sectioning. It’s easy: Just deselect the unwanted object categories and select “top” in the 3D view. 

This simplified modeling makes Point Clouds in Revit just easy and reduces your training time.

Another plus of the aurivus Smart Point Cloud: It works for terrestrial, handheld and mobile laser scanners and since everything stays 3D, also scanners without 360° photos are easy to use

aurivus simplifies post-modelling with the aurivus Smart Point Cloud

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