Point clouds in Autodesk® Revit® with aurivus AI

Laserscanning can give you a great documentation of the real world. But it can be hard to handle the huge files in CAD-Software. To make point cloud handling easier, the aurivus AI sorts the billions of points into Classes and Objects. Thus, you can – by one click – clean the whole point cloud with […]

aurivus AI open for new customers

We launch our newest version of the aurivus AI, today. Registration on https://app.aurivus.com is open for 100 new customers. To celebrate our progress, the first 30 customers will receive a free trial voucher. The published AI is trained on indoor context like office space, apartments, hospitals, or similar scenes.


What are the current limitations? Please save all scans into a single E57 file. The format (unified, structured, unstrucutred, …) doesn’t matter. The maximum file size is 20 GB. Best supported classes are walls, roofs, roof trusses, doors, windows, columns. More classes, like furniture, are processed. Other classes, like pipes, aren’t supported, yet. We provide […]

Werkstudent (w/m/d) Softwareentwicklung

Teilzeit • Ulm Wir sind ein High-Tech Start-Up aus dem schönen Ulm, gegründet von zwei KI-Entwicklern aus der Automobilforschung. Unser Ziel ist die Vereinfachung und Automatisierung von Scan-To-BIM. Mittels einer KI-Software, die Laser-Punktwolken in BIM-Daten und CAD-Modelle umwandelt, setzen wir gerade unseren Markteintritt um. Derzeit optimieren wir unsere KI-Software mittels Feedback von Kunden und entwickeln […]

Under construction

We also can’t wait to release this but you reached a page that is not available, yet. Flollow us on social media to stay up to date for upcoming news. We’re happy to hear from you.

API for aurivus files available

API for aurivus files available / aurivus AI is implemented in further CAD programs Three more manufacturers will implement the PLY file generated by aurivus into their CAD software. Through our API this can be implemented by each CAD manufacturer themselves. The advantages of the file generated by aurivus are obvious. 1. The processed point […]

Tutorial: Getting started with aurivus for Autodesk® Revit

Uploading and downloading data in the aurivus app To let the aurivus AI process your point cloud, simply log in to the aurivus app (https://app.aurivus.com/) and create a new job by uploading the point cloud files. After uploading, you will be notified via e-mail when a preview and price was calculated for your point cloud. […]

Advanced function of the aurivus Smart Point Cloud

In the course of our pilot projects, a demand appeared at our pilot customer Laserscanning Europe for the representation of roofs and trusses in our aurivus Smart Point Cloud. These objects are characterized by particularly difficult conditions for the previously urgently needed sectioning. Since roof trusses and roofs often do not run vertically, but diagonally, […]

Aurivus expands the team

Aurivus is growing. With Holga Schwipp, aurivus has found another employee and expands its team in Ulm.Holga Schwipp has been working in CAD sales in the fields of architecture, technical building equipment and plant design for more than 20 years. He will lead our sales team and support the development of the company. We warmly […]

Easy alternative for point clouds in Revit without sections

With our aurivus Smart Point Cloud, you can skip the time-consuming sectioning process. The original workflow: A 3D point cloud must be transferred into a 2D section in order to subsequently model 3D BIM on a 2D top-view. Sounds complicated and time-consuming, right?  Unfortunately, this is the way to go for building modeling if you […]