Pipe modeling with aurivus

Registration open – Pipe modeling with aurivus We were carefully watching how our premium customers are modeling pipes in point clouds. With their feedback, we created a new tool to accelerate manual pipe modeling in Autodesk Revit. A limited number of customers now have the chance to buy a test-project with our new Revit plug-in […]

The fastest way to draw from point clouds in Revit (Video)

accept cookies for YouTube A beginner can model this leica BLK2Go scan in only 4 minutes in Revit. The point cloud was uploaded to the aurivus AI (https://app.aurivus.com/) and you see the result in the video. No slice is needed when turning off everything else but walls, doors and windows. Open the aurivus wall drawing […]

The easiest way to draw in Revit from point clouds.

You need to accept cookies to see the youtube videos. We were carefully listening to our users to add our Scan-to-BIM AI into the Scan-To-BIM Workflow. We are proud to present our new release, out now, in this video: accept cookies for YouTube

Scan-To-BIM Time Saver AI

Scan-to-BIM is faster and cheaper with the aurivus AI. Beginners get the easiest start with point clouds and professionals get new dimensions of speed in scan-to-BIM. Accelerate Scan-to-BIM Our AI makes working with point clouds easy and fast. In the past, point cloud handling was too complicated. You needed too many tools and too many […]

aurivus brings user feedback of premium customers directly into their product

During the last week there was the noise of about 100 mouse clicks per minute. Someone thought our programmers are playing Counter Strike, but it was Maja, a professional Revit modeler from Laserscanning Europe. She is modeling a point cloud in Revit and the speed-up with the aurivus AI makes her mouse clicks sound like […]

Faster Point Cloud Workflows with aurivus AI

With aurivus you can turn your point cloud into Revit models faster, cheaper and more cost efficient. Our neural network is trained to understand laserscans from buildings and searches for objects. A normal building takes about 30 Minutes to process. Accelerate your modeling employees Finding good Revit experts who also know how to handle point […]

Kustomised iPad Scan with aurivus AI to Revit

The integrated lidar of the new iPad pro and iPhone pro turns your smart phone into a handheld laser scanner. The aurivus AI can understand these smart phone point clouds and finds objects and classes just like in high precision laser scanner. Only about 3% of the price: Startups like Kustomised are developing business models […]

Point clouds in AutodeskĀ® RevitĀ® with aurivus AI

Laserscanning can give you a great documentation of the real world. But it can be hard to handle the huge files in CAD-Software. To make point cloud handling easier, the aurivus AI sorts the billions of points into Classes and Objects. Thus, you can – by one click – clean the whole point cloud with […]

aurivus AI open for new customers

We launch our newest version of the aurivus AI, today. Registration on https://app.aurivus.com is open for 100 new customers. To celebrate our progress, the first 30 customers will receive a free trial voucher. The published AI is trained on indoor context like office space, apartments, hospitals, or similar scenes.

FAQs – aurivus Scan-To-BIM AI

How does the AI work? Our AI is “scans” laser scans of buildings and finds objects like walls, windows or pipes (premium customers only). This way, e.g., single scan points of windows are grouped to individual objects of type window. The user can now clean-up the point cloud automatically, e.g., by only viewing wall, windows, […]