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Our AI consists of an artificial neural network that “understands” point clouds from laser scans and detects objects.

AI is a game chaning technology that will change our way to work similar to the automatic loom or the computer. We don’t want you to change your workflow, and instead, we want to integrate our AI into your workflow. As a Beta tester you have early access to our Scan-To-BIM AI and give direct feedback to our developers to achieve perfect AI assistance for your expert modelers.

Experts, in general, need long training time and unfortunately, if you hire a new expert, he or she needs long training time again. An AI can be trained once to make repeating, complex work simpler for modelers. An assistance AI reduces training time, increases work speed, and thus increases your EBIT.

Why joining the pilot phase?

  • Be part of an exclusive group of pilot customers with early access to new skills learned by our AI.
  • Be one step further by exploiting the power of AI in your service.
  • Your feedback will directly flow into the development of our software to make our AI supporting your business best.
  • You will be one of the world’s first businesses which is actually able to provide Scan-To-BIM with AI. We can assist you to integrate this fact into your marketing activities.

Get in Touch

We are happy to hear from you, if you are interested to become a beta tester, or just want to know more about our AI. You can reach us via mail or phone.

We are also very happy, if you fill out our survey form to let us know about your needs and wishes.


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