Advanced function of the aurivus Smart Point Cloud

In the course of our pilot projects, a demand appeared at our pilot customer Laserscanning Europe for the representation of roofs and trusses in our aurivus Smart Point Cloud. These objects are characterized by particularly difficult conditions for the previously urgently needed sectioning. Since roof trusses and roofs often do not run vertically, but diagonally, […]

Easy alternative for point clouds in Revit without sections

With our aurivus Smart Point Cloud, you can skip the time-consuming sectioning process. The original workflow: A 3D point cloud must be transferred into a 2D section in order to subsequently model 3D BIM on a 2D top-view. Sounds complicated and time-consuming, right?  Unfortunately, this is the way to go for building modeling if you […]

Head of Sales in Scan-to-BIM AI Startup (w/m/d)

Vollzeit • Ulm Als innovatives und mehrfach ausgezeichnetes Start-Up steht Aurivus für die Digitalisierung in der Baubranche. Unser Ziel ist die Vereinfachung und Automatisierung von Scan-To-BIM. Mit einer cloudbasierten KI-Software wandeln wir Laser-Punktwolken automatisch in CAD-Modelle und BIM-Dateien. Unser Team ist in unserem Büro in der historischen Wilhelmsburg in Ulm zu finden.  Wir suchen derzeit […]

First workshop with pilot customer Laserscanning Europe

For one month now, aurivus has been running the first field tests with lead users, so-called pilot customers at aurivus.  Through the pilot projects, we want to create a customer-oriented software with processes that the customer needs. Of course, we can’t do this without the help of real customers. That’s why we have created pilot […]

Werkstudent (w/m/d) Softwareentwicklung

Teilzeit • Ulm Wir sind ein High-Tech Start-Up aus dem schönen Ulm, gegründet von zwei KI-Entwicklern aus der Automobilforschung. Unser Ziel ist die Vereinfachung und Automatisierung von Scan-To-BIM. Mittels einer KI-Software, die Laser-Punktwolken in BIM-Daten und CAD-Modelle umwandelt, setzen wir gerade unseren Markteintritt um. Derzeit optimieren wir unsere KI-Software mittels Feedback von Kunden und entwickeln […]

aurivus wins 2nd Price at BIM World Innovation World Cup 2020

Our participation in this year’s BIM Virtual was successful. In addition to contacts and feedback, we were also able to bring home a prize to Ulm. The 2nd place at the 3rd Smart Construction / Smart Building Innovation World Cup. For us as a young start-up – we only exist for one year – this […]