Advanced function of the aurivus Smart Point Cloud

Point Clouds in Revit: Building with Selected Roof Truss (bright green)

In the course of our pilot projects, a demand appeared at our pilot customer Laserscanning Europe for the representation of roofs and trusses in our aurivus Smart Point Cloud.

These objects are characterized by particularly difficult conditions for the previously urgently needed sectioning.

Since roof trusses and roofs often do not run vertically, but diagonally, the remodeling via sections is also very complex.

After discussions between our development team and the pilot customer, the implementation in the aurivus Smart Point Cloud was initiated.

The result? Quite outstanding. Meanwhile, our AI can even successfully process roofs and roof trusses.

Thanks to the simple classification, sections can thus also be dispensed with, making the modelers’ work easier.

Implementing suggestions from our pilot customers was essential for us during the pilot project phase.

After all, we never stop learning and can only become better through our customers’ experience.

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